About the Journal

Trace — Journal for Human-Animal Studies is a peer-reviewed, fully open access online journal that provides a forum for research and discussion of human-animal relations from social and cultural perspectives. The journal publishes original research articles, lectiones praecursoriae, and conference reports, as well as reviews on books, art exhibitions, films, and other media. Trace accepts submissions in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Human-animal studies is a broad and multidisciplinary field of research that includes a diversity of topics, such as the social, cultural and material construction of beliefs, values and attitudes relating to animals; the ethics and politics of animal issues; animal welfare legislation and governance; approaches to the agency of animals; philosophical issues in the epistemology and ontology of human-animal relations; as well as a variety of other theoretical and practical questions concerning human-animal relations.


Trace is published by the Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies, a member organization of The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

ISSN: 2343-0591