The theme of the next issue is Animals and Religion. We welcome proposals from various academic fields that engage with the Study of Religion, i.e. the field of research that examines the dynamics of religious, spiritual, or secular phenomena and worldviews, as well as ideologies, movements, and trends of all times and cultures.  We invite papers focusing on methodological and ethical questions as well as on case studies concerning the co-agencies and/or other relationships between humans and animals. In addition to the official editorial team, the special issue has a guest editor, Dr Jaana Kouri (Åbo Akademi University), who is a researcher in the Study of Religion.

NB: Trace also accepts papers that do not deal with the theme of the special issue. These will be published under the headline “other articles”. Nevertheless, we hope to receive papers specifically related to the theme.

Peer-reviewed articles of original research for inclusion in the next issue are due 31.10.2020 (other types of texts are due 31.1.2021). However, the practice of early view –publishing allows the processing and publishing of manuscripts throughout the year. The publishing schedule of submissions is thus not tied to the yearly publication of whole issues. The special issue of Trace will be out spring 2021 in its totality, with early view items published beforehand.