Meet the parents: Normative emotions in Finnish wolf politics


  • Juha Hiedanpää Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Jani Pellikka Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Sanna Ojalammi Natural Resources Institute Finland


grey wolf (Canis lupus), emotions, negative freedom, institutions, emotional regime


The reappearance of the grey wolf (Canis lupus) in 2005 after a one-hundred-year absence surprised rural communities in Southwest Finland. Various social emotions emerged and began to shape how people thought about wolves and reoriented their daily practices. In this paper, we examine how emotional reactions and actions functioned in the presence of the wolf and the non-intervention wolf policy until 2014. We used written documents, interviews and focus group discussions as our primary materials. Our results indicate how normative emotions have played a role in influencing Finnish wolf policy.

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Hiedanpää, J., Pellikka, J., & Ojalammi, S. (2016). Meet the parents: Normative emotions in Finnish wolf politics. TRACE ∴ Journal for Human-Animal Studies, 2(1). Retrieved from