Publishing Contract

PLEASE NOTE: The translation below is for information only. The original Finnish version of the contract is legally binding. 


Contracting parties

  1. The Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies, which will be later referred to as the publisher
  2. Author or authors which will be later referred to as the author 

Subject matter and purpose of the contract

The subject matter of the contract is the manuscript by the author offered for publishing which will be later referred to as the work. With this contract it is agreed on the rights and copyrights pertaining to the manuscript offered for publishing, including the licencing of the work with the Creative Commons licence.

Publishing of the work

If the publisher decides to publish the work, it will be published in Trace journal according to the publishing schedule decided by the publisher. 

The work will be published in print or in a digital form decided by the publisher, or in both ways.


The publisher has the right to use the work under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License [] and the author accepts that the work will be licenced public according to these terms. The conditions allow anyone to copy and distribute the work for free in any medium and form, changed or unchanged provided that appropriate credit to author(s) is given, a link provided to the license and the other terms of license are followed.

Differing from above, the author accepts that the metadata of the article will be licenced under the licence of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).[].


No compensation is paid to the author.

Author's copy

The author will have a use right to the database or other publication in digital form where the work was published for the first time. 

Finalizing the manuscript

The final manuscript is handed over to the published by the appointed time and meeting the requirements that the publisher normally gives and of which the author is aware of. 

Validity of the contract

This contract is valid the whole time that the work is legally protected. If the publisher decides not to publish the work this contract will become void. 


The disagreements concerning this contract will be handled by the district court of the domicile of the publisher.


The author affirms that they have the copyright to the work. If the work has several authors, the author accepting this contract affirms that they have the authority given by other authors to accept this contract on their behalf. 

Acceptance of the contract

[   ] I accept the conditions and terms of this publishing contract on my behalf and on the behalf of possible other authors.